About Us

Who We Are

Leahey Foods, Inc., located in Altoona, PA, is a food product development, production and sales company serving the vegan, vegetarian and healthy foods marketplace. The products, branded under Leahey Gardens', are vegetarian or "certified vegan" where applicable and delicious, easy to prepare foods.   Our goal is to "light up your tastebuds" with tantalizing foods that meet a healthy lifestyle and to select ingredients with the health conscious consumer in mind.

Leahey Foods, Inc., founded in 2003 combines more than 20 years of experience in food research and development, production, sales, marketing and customer service with a deep interest and commitment to the vegan and healthy lifestyle. We are very health conscious of the ingredients selected for our products.  The company expertise as well as input from corporate chefs and flavor chemists, is what gives our products their flavorful and nutritious appeal.



The vegan macaroni and cheese type is wonderful.  Finally a cheese type product that vegans can enjoy.

Crystal Richmond, Pittsburgh PA


The flavor in the veggies and the smooth broth in the No-Beef Noodle Soup are a stand-out. I'm a chef, so my palate is very sensitive, and I prepare vegan menus all the time...

Jason Kerzner, Grand Canyon


I loved the No-Chicken Noodle soup! The broth was so tasty-full of flavor, just like homemade, and there was just the right balance of noodles and spices. It made just the right lunch.

Beth Sull, Cleveland, Ohio


My new favorite taste treat is the Mexican Style Gravy over refried beans and rice. It really adds a new dimension to a side dish I eat almost every day...

Sam Oliver, Portland, Oregon